EXTREME Combat Fitness Training - Colorado Springs

EXTREME Combat Fitness is a NEW energetic and empowering co-ed group personal training program that will challenge you beyond your perceived limitations.

We combine hard-hitting punching and kicking combinations, waist-slimming core moves, intense cardio intervals, and total body conditioning designed to develop explosive power, strength and endurance.

Unlike pre-choreographed cardio kickboxing classes offered at most fitness centers where all you do is punch and kick the air, ECF combines hard-hitting punching and kickboxing combinations using Title boxing equipment, a punching dummy, heavy bag, MMA grappling dummy and other martial arts equipment to provide a powerful total body combat conditioning workout that is unparalleled to other boxing programs in Colorado Springs.

Fast paced punching and kicking combinations require extreme focus. When you strike and deliver super-fast fighting combinations on the heavy bag and punching dummy, you'll be removed from life's distractions and will relieve the stress that's been weighing you down.

Unleash the energy, stamina and the fitness results you deserve with this exclusive co-ed group personal training program. You'll love the way you look and feel just after a few session or you're entitled to a 100% money back guarantee.


We'll Give You the Motivation to Succeed!

One of the biggest problems with choreographed group fitness classes is exercise boredom. You won’t get bored and won't want to quit with our exiting and empowering new blend of ever-changing group fitness routines!

We’ll keep you motivated during your quest to achieve your fitness goals by incorporating plenty of variety in your fitness program. It's much more difficult to skip your workout when you know you'll have an absolute blast working out!

The Fastest Way to Your Fitness Results

We know nothing motivates you faster than seeing results…and you’ll see and feel results FAST with our exclusive ECF training system and save time and money compared to expensive personal training programs. You'll get the results you deserve at a fraction of the cost of hiring a personal trainer.

Here’s why ECF works so well...

We combine the proven science of high intensity interval training with a perfectly woven combination of super-fast, hard-hitting punching, kicking and MMA inspired drills with an energetic and motivating interactive group personal training workout. ECF is strategically varied so you never get bored and continue to make progress week after week.

Classes forming NOW!

Tuesday and Thursday

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm 

Warning: This high-energy co-ed fitness program is limited! Don't wait till it's too late, secure your spot today!

Call Joe @ 719-229-2639 for more information while openings are still available!