Teen Boxing & Fitness Program in Colorado Springs, CO


My NEW Teen boxing classes are offered for teen girls ages 13 - 19 with a focus on learning proper boxing technique and footwork while building self-confidence and managing stress while learning self-defense.

We begin each boxing class with an energetic warm-up and move on to fun, fast paced punching and kicking combinations on focus mitts and the punching dummys for a challenging total body workout that will be sure to burn off some steam and take out stress whilie getting in shape.

My fun, everchanging boxing routines will help you build self-confidence and self-defense skills while learning the value of teamwork in a safe, positive and motivational women only environment.

Teens starting at age 13, may participate in this exclusive boxing class!


Here are just a few of the benefits you'll experience with my award winning boxing program:

    •    You WILL Increase your muscle tone and get in the best shape ever
    •    You Will increase your confidence and self-esteem    
    •    You Will increase upper and lower body strength
    •    You Will learn real self-defense techniques and hard-hitting boxing combinations
    •    You Will have an outlet to relieve stress
    •    You Will finally drop stubborn body fat and feel confident wearing your favorite clothes


Here's what some of my clients had to say about my teen boxing fitness program:

"I didn’t know I could look and feel this amazing and I owe it all to Joe."

Throughout my life I have been a soccer player. My life was dedicated to soccer and thanks to soccer I was always toned and happy with the way I looked. During my junior year of high school soccer tragedy struck. I tore ligaments in my ankle causing me to have surgery and throwing me out of my soccer career forever. Before my surgery I was a size seven.

During my year recovery I gained twenty-five pounds putting me at a size eleven. I was disgusted with myself that I let this happen. After discussing the matter with my dad we got on the web and looked up personal trainers. The first web page that popped up was Joe’s.

Within reading the first two sentences I was hooked. As soon as I woke up the next morning I called Joe and scheduled an appointment.

 The first day meeting with Joe, I wasn’t sure on how it would go. Within the first five minutes Joe made me feel comfortable and really made me feel the burn. I started in July and after returning to work in August all of my CO-workers commented saying “Wow Stephanie, have you lost weight? You look amazing,” and “Hey you! You look like a different person! Great job!” All of these comment made me feel confident about myself. I didn’t know I could look and feel this amazing and I owe it all to Joe.

Since I started with Joe, I went from a size eleven to a size four. I saw my results creep up on me in a few short months. The first day I noticed that my clothes looked like they were hanging on me, I’ve never felt so excited to go shopping. It was the best feeling I have ever felt.

Feeling the way I feel, looking the way I do, and the amazing amount of confidence I carry with me every day is because of Joe. He motivates and supports in the best ways possible. Making the decision to start working out with Joe has been the best decision I have ever made. To date, I have lost seven sizes. I no longer have to hide wearing a bikini, and I can strut like a model in a run way show and be proud of it. I thank Joe for his support and friendship, motivating me and pushing me closer to the results I desire. He is truly the best trainer and will give you the real results you deserve. 

Stephaine Cikanek, 18
Colorado Springs, CO.


"I have never looked leaner and more toned than I am today!"

In fall of 2009 I began my first year of college. I had been working out more than I had ever been going to the gym four or five days a week, running a 5k every week, and trying out different types of group fitness classes. I hadn't seen much of a change and it was discouraging.

Around spring break one of my friends that I regularly worked out with had been seeing significant changes in the way she looked and she felt great. She told me about Joe's Kickboxing program and how it was the best workout she had ever had. I decided to check it out for myself and I must say that first class with Joe was one to remember; I had never had such an intense yet fun workout then I did at my first kickboxing class.

I have been going to Joe's Kickboxing since May and I must say it's my favorite part of the day.  He has encouraged me and pushed me to do the best that I can both mentally and physically. I feel strong and motivated. He's worked with me consistently and even walked me through eating right which is something I had felt like I was doing all along, but when I started kickboxing my eating habits became even better and I really felt a difference. Since May I have lost 3 dress sizes! I have never looked leaner and more toned than I am today. Every day when I take a look in the mirror I feel so accomplished I would have never been able to change my body without Joe's Kickboing. If you're wanting to change the way you look and enjoy working out I would, without hesitation, recommend Joe's boxing program. The atmosphere is always fun and you get to work with others who are encouraging and enthusiastic. If I had to start from scratch I would choose Joe's Kickboxing all over again. Thank you Joe!!

Alexia Sanchez, 19
Colorado Springs, CO. 


Registration is NOW OPEN for my next teen boxing program. Call me at 719-229-2639 to register while openings are still available!

5:30 pm -  6:30 pm

8:00 am