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Colorado Springs Cardio Kickboxing - ULTIMATE FITNESS KICKBOXING


We had a absolute blast at the launch of our NEW ULTIMATE Fitness Kickboxing class on Friday.

The studio was packed!

Women of all ages and fitness levels showed up for the premier of Colorado Springs newest and most POWERFUL cardio kickboxing class - ULTIMATE Fitness Kickboxing (UFK).

UFK is a group personal training program that combines the high-energy and group dynamics of cardio kickboxing with the professional guidance of personal training without the high cost of hiring a personal trainer.

It is an amazing calorie burner!

In fact...

You'll burn over 860 calories an hour while you tighten, firm and tone your entire body and trouble spots while improving your stamina, endurance, balance, agility and coordination at the same time.



Unlike the typical, pre-choreographed cardio kickboxing classes offered at most fitness centers where all you do is punch and kick the air, ULTIMATE Fitness Kckboxing combines the intensity of high-energy cardio kickboxing, powerful toning exercises from my award winning boot camp and fun punching and kicking combinations using focus mitts and real boxing equipment to provide the ultimate cardio kickboxing experience!

Nothing else comes close...

ULTIMATE Fitness Kickboxing delivers a powerful punch to your fitness efforts by combining real boxing and kickboxing drills with world-class motivation, the best fitness conditioning and the accountability you need to give you the fitness results you deserve.

We began with a high-energy cardio kickboxing warm-up segment that included plenty of intense fat-burning cardio and fun kickboxing combinations mixed with some powerful core and lower toning moves.

Next, we completed of a fun fat-blasting circuit with a perfectly woven combination of hard-hitting boxing and kickboxing combination using focus mitts, the Everlast punching shield and plently of abs and core for a tight, toned midsection and lower body sculpting moves.

Below, Brianna executes some super fast punching combinations as her on the Everlast boxing shield. Punching is a great stress reliever and a great way to tone the arms. 

Below, April and Kendal partner up for some ab scupting under the watchful eye of their trainer. Hemakes certain that every second they spend tightning and toning their abs is flawless.
























Check out the video!


There is still time to register for our June Ultimate Fitness Kickboxing class.

Call or text me @ 719-229-2639 to secure your spot while openings last!

2360 Montebello Square Dr. Suite F.
Tuesday and Thursday - 6:00 pm - 6:50 pm
Saturday 8:00 am

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